Male selfishness in sex

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To see the potential sex-selfish enough to pay attention to the most simple things. How and what exactly does he say? How much are you interested in him as a companion and as a human - with your difficulties, troubles, problems? Ask him a little better about his family and his mom and dad. The only son, as a rule, is growing in confidence that the world is conceived exclusively for him alone. And if a man brought up only among women - mothers, aunts and grandmothers, the problems can be not avoided for sure. Lack of attention, understanding and love in childhood also provokes egoism, and in the severe form.

One hundred percent selfish manipulator is always beautiful. He knows all the buttons and levers on which it is necessary to click to get what he want. In conversation he now and then talks about himself. He reluctantly recognizes the strengths of others.

  • The first and most important rule: do not close your eyes to the problem in the hope that everything will be solved. Your lack of regular orgasms - this is a problem in the first place men, and then yours.
  • Calmly explain to him that as a true gentleman he should get pleasure only after you.
  • Do not hesitate and actively participate in the process, guiding your partner's actions. Tell him about your preferences in sex. Speak directly and specifically what you need.
  • Never imitate orgasm, or you can never get it.
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